Music for the Mind™ Series
Compelling brain research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. The human brain is an amazing instrument that can be tuned to perform optimally with the right kind of music. Music for the Mind™ is a collection of beautifully-orchestrated compositions that resonates with listeners of all levels, enhancing mental performance.

60 Beats Per Minute-
Most Music for the Mind ™ compositions are based on a tempo of approximately 60 beats per minute, the same tempo as a resting heart rate. This tempo centers and calms us, promoting focused thinking, relaxed alertness, the flow state, and learning.

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In the Zone 
8 Tracks

Ideal for…
• Peak Performance
• Enhancing Motivation
• Prolonging Concentration
• Artistic Expression
• Creativity


Problem Solving
10 Tracks

Ideal for…
• Mathematics
• Science Labs
• Logical Thinking
• Computer Work and Labs
• Organizing


Productive Flow
10 Tracks

Ideal for…
• Completing Tasks
• Enhancing Productivity
• Reaching Goals
• Increasing Output
• Achieving Results


10 Tracks

Ideal for…
• Arts and Crafts
• Cooperative Projects
• Boosting Enthusiasm
• Drawing and Painting
• Increasing Creativity


Reading & Writing
10 Tracks

Ideal for…
• Reading for Comprehension
• Creative Writing
• Silent Reading
• Journaling
• Poetry


Relaxed Alertness
10 Tracks

Ideal for…
• Improving Memory
• Increasing Focus
• Boosting Awareness
• Studying Smarter
• Test-taking



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