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Scott W. Beckett - Alexandria, Alabama, U.S.A.
I heard your music in Atlanta, GA and have been "showing" it to all my friends. They like it as much as I do.

Stefanie Bryant - Birmingham, AL, U.S.A

Lois Matthews - Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.
Very calming for sixth grade students for the holidays!!!



Michelle Arnold - Anchorage, Alaska
I picked up a collection of Gary's CDs in Honolulu and have enjoyed every one of them!



Nancy Freeman - Tucson, AZ USA
I discovered your BEAUTIFUL music when visiting the site
www.interviewwithgod are given well-deserved praise both from them
and me, your newest fan!

Kathy Hubber - Phoenix, Arizona, United States
After just being introduced to your music I am really enjoying it! I am currently listening to "Angel' on my computer cd player while working on other things. Thank You.

R. Lynn Hurlbert - Nogales, Arizona, United States
I have been using your music in some modest presentations that I have been doing. I am interested in your special 60 beats per minute music you do to improve studying.

Wayne Kennedy - St.David, Arizona, USA
Gary, Your music has inspired me to strive for new heights in the piano world. Your music has become part of my life and I often find my self humming parts of your songs. I plan to continue playing your music and play it in a competition. Thanks, and keep it up!!! Very good website!



Debbie Gordon - Maumelle, Arkansas USA
I have never bought a "bundle" of anyone's music before but I bought all ten of Gary's tapes! That was the first time I heard the music which alternately soothes and stimulates my soul. Thanks for your talent, Gary!



Andrew A. - Diamond Bar, California
I am eleven and have been listening to Mr. Lamb's CDs since I was four. I have severe migraines since birth, and Mr. Lambs CDs help me when my migraines start. Many times when I know I am getting one, I will put "A Walk In The Garden" on, and it helps me tolerate the pain. Sometimes it helps it go away. Sometimes it doesn't, but then nothing does except passing out and sleep. His CDs help me calm down.

Karen Abbott - Mission Viejo, CA
I met Gary at a fair, years ago.I have enoyed his music more then anyother, Thank you so very much!

Jeff A. Abrew - San Jose, CA, USA
I Praise God for you Gary Lamb, In 1990 I sufferd a heart attack due to high blood presure and anxiety attacks. I needed somthing to Cool my jets; I heard Gary's music and I purchased 2 tapes "Watching the Night Fall" and "Distant Fields" I would listen to these to calm myself down. I now own many CD's and Tapes. I would like to say Thank You Gary for your gifts of music and your warm personalty you are a true blessing.

Thanks; Jeff A. Abrew and Family
May the Lord bless you and keep you. Numbers 6:24-26

Carl and Pat Anderson - Cotati, CA, USA
Music for peace of mind and soul.

Steve Arnold - Armona, CA, USA
Gary's music is to relieve the days stress ......totally! We own 5 of Gary's CD's all are great. Keep up the great writing. Thanks for the autographed CD insert!

Penelope Atlee - Davis, CA, USA
Gary Lamb's music moves me so. Even though I am profoundly and prelingually deaf! I heard his CD's several years ago. It was good enough for me to hear in spite of the noisy environment and that I wear a hearing aid. I loved it then and loved it more at home. Since then I have bought almost all of his CDs and more for my son.

Bethany - CA, USA
What can I say... I've been playing the piano for ten years and I love it. Gary Lamb inspires me to continue.

Mike Bagley - Sebastopol, CA USA
Gary Lamb's masterpieces have helped me through some strange times in my life. The positve energy he channels through his music eases all the demons I had to fight within myself. The music he composes truly heals and brings peace to the mind and soul.

Joy Baird - Sacramento, CA, USA
I'm interested in using his music in educational settings.

Rhonda Baker - San Jose,CA, USA
I've seen Gary Lamb in concert 7 times. During the Valentine Concert in 1995, he dedicated Friendship to us, as it was the song we used for our wedding processional. I would like to see him 7X7 more times!

Cheryl A. Bartels - Hayward, CA USA

Angelo Bautista - Fresno, CA, USA
Melodies to calm the mind and relax the soul.

Bill Bernstein - San Bruno, CA, USA

Phil Blauer - CA, USA
I first met Gary Lamb in 1984 at an art fair in palm springs where he was selling cassettes of walk in the garden and voyages. We became great friends and I've used his songs in many tv news production pieces. He's a musical genius whose music will inspire forever.

Marcella Bonaldi - San Jose, CA, USA
I get high from Gary's music. Keep composing!!!

Heidi Brewer - Sacramento, CA, USA
Seeing Gary play has inspired me to do my best at playing the piano and practice more.

Matt Cady -Van Nuys, California
"The Details of My Existence" is by far, my favorite Gary Lamb
song ever!!!!!! I think the web site should have the piano notes on it so we
can play just like Gary!

The Callanders - Scotts Valley, CA, USA

The Caro-Minton Family - Bakersfield, CA, USA
We stumbled across Gary's music one day and were AMAZED by his talent and his wonderful sounds! So many fans!

Dorothy Carpenter - Carmichael , CA USA
Your music is the best for calming a classroom. Thank You!

Rob Casebolt - Citrus Heights, CA USA
I Just heard one of you CDs today for the first time and loved it!

Jeff Castner - Antelope, CA, USA
Music to relax by...

Terisa Catrina - Stockton, CA, USA
Our family purchased our first tapes in 1991. WE LOVE HIM!

Terisa Catrina - Stockton, CA, USA
Our family purchased our first tapes in 1991. WE LOVE HIM!

Patricia P Chubbuck - Bakersfield, CA, USA
Beautiful and inspirational.

Richard and Jacque Clayton - Scotts Valley, California, USA
My husband and I met Gary, about 5 years ago in Santa Cruz and we are absolutely thrilled to have found him once again. You are an Incredible human being, a Blessing to humanity, and a Phenomenal pianist...We Love You !!!

Joronda Collins - Littlerock, CA USA
Gary Lamb's music gives me energy. I love Gary Lamb's music.

Steve Corradini - Manteca, CA, USA
I found "Love Themes" at a used CD store. After one listen my wife and I were hooked! I called the 800# for more info and found myself making reservations for the Aug. 24th concert. We had a wonderful time! Gary's studio is beautiful and so is his music.

Gail Darwin - Santa Monica, CA, USA
Thank you!

Tony Dauer - Manteca, CA, USA
I'm very interested in trying "Walk in the Garden" or "Watching the Night Fall" CD in the H.S. classroom as quiet background music. Great WEB site and easy to find!

Scott D. Davis - Vacaville, CA, USA
Fantastic music! Soothing yet inspiring

Michael Dierker - Fremont, CA USA
I am a programmer, and love listening to "Angel" while working, it helps me concentrate and focus.

Karen Doby - Mountain View, CA, USA
Awesome sounds!

Theresa Dowling - Santa Rosa, CA, USA
The most incredibly beautiful and calming music I've ever experienced! My daycare children and I love you! I am so pleased to be a part of this wonderful fan club! I think Gary Lamb is one of THE MOST TALENTED of the music industry ever! I never get tired of listening to his music. I play it every single day. I am a daycare provider, and my children know all of the music of Gary. God Bless You Gary Lamb!

Leigh Dreamwalker - Eureka, CA, USA
Surely, WE are the ones blessed by such genius. From the heart, to the heart. Thank you!!

Kathy Duarte - San Jose, CA USA
Romantic! Relaxing! Wonderul background music!

Pamela Duke - Lompoc, CA USA
My elementary school students and I enjoy your music in our classroom daily.

Shon Elliott - Fresno, CA. USA
I own almost all of Gary's CDs. They really do spark the imagination. Go Gary! Great site! Great music! Keep up the good work!

Jan & Bill Emond - Modesto, CA, USA
Music that entertains and relaxes...

Aurora Esquibel - San Jose, CA, USA
Brilliant and soothing sounds in a what is sometimes a dark world.

Dennis Feick - Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Gary's music is unique, calming, soothing and relaxing.

Melissa Fernandez - Oakland, CA, USA

Lisa Finch - San Jose, CA, USA

Geoff Foley - Sacramento, CA, US
We were producing a heavy drama about women and abusive situations and how they climb out and we needed music that was heartfelt and also thematic. Gary did it. We bought all 12 as royalty free and we continue to be inspired by his music. Thank you Gary.

John Frenzel - Santa Rosa, CA, USA
I'm looking forward to upcoming concert dates.

Colin J. Ford - San Jose, CA, USA
Music to enjoy and stimulate learning.

Maria Robertson-Fossler - Sacramento, CA, USA
Come back to California, Gary! Missing those concerts in your
backyard overlooking the Pacific! So excited to see that you're still in
the industry! My students still LOVE you as much as I do! Hugs!!!!

Judy Galloway - Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Gary's music is an ever changing garden of delights!

Justin N. Garcia - San Jose, CA, USA
Gary's music inspires me!

Amy Gath - San Jose, CA, USA

Gregg and Carol Giesler - San Jose, CA USA
We have all his CD's!

Debbie Giesler - San Jose, CA USA
Gary's music takes me away from reality.

Pete(r) Glynn - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
"Watching the Night Fall" rules.

Shawna Glynn - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Thank you for the music, Gary.

Jim Gonsalves - Santa Clara, CA, USA
Gary's work is some of the best composed piano music of this day. I am fortunate to have some of his CD's and play them very often,and it's lucky CD's don't wear out! I hope that one day I would be able to meet Gary in person just to say "hello and I really enjoy your music." Thank you Gary!

Mary Gonzales Drake - Campbell, CA, USA
We had a lovely, very enjoyable afternoon at the concert in Soquel on August 23,1997. "When East Meets West" is one of Gary's best. This is also a very nice web site.

Maureen Gradek - Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Fantastic! Romantic! Easy Listening! I love his music, he's a life saver! Gary Lamb's music is the best music that I've ever heard. It's the only kind of music that puts me to sleep at night. I love his music. His music also helps me concentrate on my homework!

Greg - Modesto, CA, USA
I love Gary's music. So does my nephew and he loves rap, however, now when I go looking for my Twelve Promises CD I start now by looking in his room!

Don Gintel - Fremont, California, USA
His music is great, I can't listen enough. I don't need the use of stress classes, I just listen to Gary's music.

Margaret Gurley - Santa Clara, CA, USA
The first of six CDs I just brought home is playing...what peace of mind they bring. "Watching the Night Fall" drew me and you now have a new fan.

Becky Haight - Redding, CA, USA
A real calming effect.

Connie Hall - Milpitas, CA, USA

Tina Handshy - San Jose, CA USA
Gary's music is uniquely different than most music to which I usually listen. It is refreshing and relaxing; perfect on a long drive!!

Gillian Hart- North Hollywood, California, USA
Easy to navigate and thank you for the chance to listen

Karen C. Hartley - San Jose, CA USA
Your new release is wonderful. You may be interested to know that I am using the track, "New Delhi Regge Blues" to paint by! I do fabric painting, and then make garments out of the painted fabric. This track is soooo inspiring! I will use it when I want to really create something spectacular!!

Kris Henderson - Turlock, CA USA
I began using your CD's during homeschool for my little one, but my 14 year old latched onto "Angel" the day I brought it home. Although I hear it from behind closed doors I haven't seen it since. He says "Wow with this music playing my homework seems easier!" Thanks!!!

Denise Heredia - Kingsburg, CA USA
I teach first grade and my children love to listen to your music as they work.

Brittany Herz - Fremont, California, USA
I first heard Gary's music while recovering from an illness in third grade. I saw him in concert and asked him to play "A Gift For Laura" , my all time favorite. Now, I'm 16 and madly in love with "I am Always With You" Gary's music has always been an inspiration to my personal musical talent and sucess. Thanks!

Ed Hoag - Lodi, California, USA

Todd & Robin Hollands - San Jose, CA USA
Wonderful music to eat by and fall asleep to, just relax and enjoy peaceful calm music from Gary's CD's. Keep the music coming. We love it.

Robin Hollands - San Jose, CA USA
My husband of 2 months loves the music playing in the background.

Phil Holtam - Rancho Cordova, CA USA
This is by far the best "listen as you study" music that I have personally ever found. Plus, the web site is far more impressive than I thought it would be!

Debbie Hoover - South San Francisco, CA, USA
Gary's concerts have been soul lifting. He's a gracious, humble appreciative entertainer. Such a joy to listen to. I'm so anxious to see him yet again......please book thoes dates so we can buy our tickets........see ya then.

Clint Housel - San Francisco, CA, USA

Tom Hughes - Turlock, CA USA
Have enjoyed Gary's music for years. This website will be great to keep up to date on concert dates and such. It is great!

Barbara Hupp - Bakersfield, CA USA
Brings peace to my inner soul.

Stan Jefferson - Santa Cruz, CA USA
I was introduced to Gary's music through its use with a local historical film. It conveys much feeling.

Michael Jurich - Los Altos, CA USA

Kim Justus - Forest Hill, CA USA
Love your music! So do my first graders!

Bryan Kilfoil - Burlingame, CA, USA
Gary Lamb is one of the nicest people I've met in a long time....Plus he's a gear head, like me.

Kimmie - Oakland, CA.
Sooooooooooo beautiful!!! He's SEXY too!

A. Kirschner - Davis, CA, USA
I have been inspired by Gary since the first time I heard his music playing many years ago. I compose music much like his and meeting him, listening to his music, and attending his concerts has been very enjoyable. Gary's music has helped me, my family and friends though good and challenging times. Thank you.

Deana Kitajima - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Without Gary childbirth would have been unbearable.

Bev Koepke - San Jose, CA, USA
I love listening to the piano solos you have. We also use your music at school - I'm a 5th grade teacher.

James Koepke - San Jose, CA, USA
Love piano solos!

Keri Conklin - Chico, CA, USA
I used his music while I was in college to relax and have been using it fo years in the classroom. I love it!

Judy Kulhank - San Jose, CA USA
I love your music!

Laura Lamb - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Since day one, Gary Lamb's music has inspired me in ways I never thought possible. I love you Daddy.

Brian A. Landisi - Glendale, CA, USA
My 7th grade English Teacher introduced me to Gary Lamb's work. She used the music to calm the classroom...and it worked. She let me borrow some of her "GL" CDs and now I love the music. Now I'm planning to order sheet music to learn how to play Gary's songs on the piano. Thanks for providing us with great music.

Diane S. Landisi - Glendale, CA, USA
Gary Lamb, one of the greatest performers, has given the world such wonderful music. I've enjoyed every last piece. Thanks, Gary!

Mike and Krista Lanzarotta - Union City, CA, US
His music is timeless and uplifting.

Jamie Laudin - Walnut Creek, CA USA
Just picked up three CD's. Very relaxing! I highly recommend it for those with a stressful lifestyle.

Helen Li. - Hacienda Heights, CA

Paula Light - San Jose, CA USA
Looking forward to attending one of your concerts...

Collin Lim - San Jose, CA USA
Music with true emotion...

Aylianna Littlefeather - Hayward, CA USA
Sanity in a tiny package!

Eileen Long - Salinas, CA USA
Join the Club!

Les Lopez and Kim Swanson - Sacramento, CA USA
When I first heard Gary's Voyages album I immediately had to have it. It is still a treasure. Thank you Gary for taking the time to sign the cover for me. I have bought all of your albums, and have never been disappointed....Thank you.

Pat Madden - Campbell, CA , USA
I have all your CD's and I love your music! It sends me places where I can Relax. Thank you..-P

Diana M. Maloney - San Jose, CA, USA
Thanks for wonderful, calming, 'take me away' music!

D.J. Maltz - Sherman Oaks, California USA
I'm 8 and hoping that Gary's still making music by the time I'm old enough to write lyrics for all his songs! I want Gary to come do a concert at my school!

Jean Mangels - Oakland, CA, USA
Great music to listen to at work!

Paul A. Marmolejo - Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Gary Lamb has been a profound influence in my piano playing. Eveytime I get lazy I play one of his pieces to the best of my ability and I am reminded of why I began playing. Thanks Mr. Lamb for you wonderful contribution to the music community.

Tamara L. McClure - San Diego, CA, USA
I am a student teacher, and I can't wait to play Gary's music for my students! I really like all the CD's, but especially "Love Themes" and "Language of Love"!!

Curtis McCord - Suisun City, CA, USA
Great music!

Jeff Mitchell - Scotts Valley, CA, USA
Inspiring and peaceful music, a joy to play and listen to.

Mike Mock - Fresno, CA, USA
Your sound cleanses the soul and brightens the future.

Cherlynn Moes - Sonora, CA, USA

Robin Montano - Sunnyvale, CA
Tremendously enjoy listening to Gary's style of piano music!

Todd & Julie Moody - Martinez, CA USA
Soothing, calming, helps my 11 year old sleep and lessens his fears, thanks Gary. Great website. We are getting married in October and hope to use your music as part of the day.

Leslee Moore - Fremont, CA USA
I've been listening to Gary's music now for about 4 years and have attended his last 4 concerts. The last 2 I brought my daughter (22yo)with me. She just loves Garys music and tells me that I can not attended a concert without her from now on!

Debbie Morales - San Jose, CA, USA
Wonderful, takes you to another place, peaceful-and the web site is great.

David L. Morrison - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
I own nearly all of Gary Lamb's CD's and think they are all great.

Caren Normandin - San Jose, CA, USA

Jason Olson - San Jose, CA
His music is soothing and perfect for almost any season!

Susan C. Parks - Simi Valley, CA, USA
Music to go to sleep by...relaxing and restful.

Hazel Parrish - Oakland, CA, USA
The ultimate spiritual high.

Robert Pattison - Mission Viejo, CA, USA
Excellent Music!!!!

Laura Payne - Cupertino, CA, USA
Playing his music is the greatest way to relax.

Kathy Pehkonen - Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Listening to Gary's music is the best way for me to unwind & get my priorities straight in life!!!

Helene Pepin - San Jose, CA, USA
I think Gary Lamb's music is the ultimate. All my friends used to tease me about writing music like that, but they don't now that they've listened to Love Themes!

Christine Pohorsky - Santa Clara, CA USA
Dear Gary, I am still your greatest fan! I am learning piano so I can play like you! I'm 7 and a half now and I will see you at your concert on August 23! Love, Christine

Melodie Pohorsky - Santa Clara, CA USA
Are you planning a music video? My 6yr old wants to know and is your best fan! THANKS!

Christopher Pollard - Cupertino, CA USA
Some of the best music to lose yourself in. My wife and I have had many enjoyable evenings listening to your music, both in concert and recorded.

Angela Powell - Jamestown, CA USA
The music reflects the man--beautiful!!! I'm glad I now have access to Gary's concert information. It's wonderful to get updates on new music.

Troy Prasouvo - San Diego, Ca. USA
Beautiful work of music, suited for relaxing and background...

Chester Quaife - Lemoore, Ca. USA
His music touches my soul, and sets a great mood for relaxing times. Keep up the good work!

Tammie Rich - Lodi, CA. USA
I want to thank you for the wonderful music. I am a 3rd grade teacher and we listen to music as we work. It provides a wonderful setting to write, read and general learning. Keep writing!

Richard - Los Angeles, CA. USA

Stan Robbins - San Jose, CA. USA
After I bought "Watching the Night Fall", and listened to it while camping, I was hooked.

Pam Robinson - Mission Viejo, Ca USA
I have listened to Gary for many years and love every one of his CD's. Somewhere, I have a copy of the first tape he made. Still wonderful!

Rafael Rodriguez - Marina,CA
"Love Themes-Lavender Skies" inspired me to learn to play the piano.

Barbara G. Rose - Janesville, CA, USA
Discovered Gary's music while at Chico State University. What's not to love?! Enjoy his music at home and also use with my students in computer lab (elementary school). Have 3 CD's and look forward to adding to my collection. Thanks!!

Denise Rossetti - Fremont, CA, USA
Brought along my favorite Gary Lamb CD and listened while I had my wisdom teeth my dentist recommends Gary as a relaxation technique! Look up "serenity" in the dictionary and you'll see a CD cover of Gary's!

Jim Sampson - Hayward, CA, USA
His instrumental music is great for relaxing and is unique.

Sandra - San Diego, CA, USA
Gary's music takes my mind off things of this world.

Myla Santos - Los Altos, CA, USA

Carol Sayer - Bakersfield, CA, USA
Discovered your amazing music and now have my friends hooked on it as well!!!

Steve & Allison Schwartz - Mountain View, CA, USA
Thank you for bringing a little bit of heaven into people's lives. Your music is a much needed in the hustle & bustle of our lives today. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Nanette Shapiro - Pomona, CA, USA
I've been listening to Gary's music for 6 years. His music is relaxing and refreshing. Thanks for sharing your talent."time-out" in the hustle & bustle of our lives today.

Dave Sienknecht - Sunnyvale, CA, USA
As a new fan of the piano instrumental music genre, I haven't heard anyone who compares to Lamb. He continues to produce incredible music that takes a person outside the walls around him.

James Sikora - Paradise, CA, USA
Fabulous music!!!!!

Tina Skinner - Rancho Cordova, CA USA
I bought my first Gary Lamb -Watching the Night Fall many years ago at the Berryessa Art & Wine Festival in San Jose and have been a Fan ever since. Keep them coming!

Brandon Soule- Fremont, California, USA
Listening for 12 years. I remember my first Gary Lamb concert back in 1990 in a winery in the Santa Cruz hills. That was a large audience, but my favorite was a small a cappella concert in a church where we all had the opportunity to meet and chat with Gary. His concerts always make me cry.
Thanks Gary!

Fe Spalding - Tracy, CA, USA
I like to listen to Gary's music very much and I always
introduce his music to my friends.

Susan Steel-Haid - Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Gary's music is special medicine!

Barb Stocker - Mountain View, CA
Listening to your music is such a beautiful and peaceful experience.

Chrys Stringer - San Jose, CA, USA

D'Aun Suter - San Jose, CA, USA

Mark Thalken - Wilton, CA, USA
Having met Gary at several of his concerts, my wife (Bonnie) and I think of him as a friend and his music as an extension of the friendship. Great individual, great music.

Robert Tharp - Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Have enjoyed Gary's music for years, the Santa Cruz studio
concerts are great memories.

Rebecca Thompson - Lake Forest, CA, USA
I Love "A Walk in the Garden"...Watching the Night Fall and Love Themes!

Simon and Marci Tomberlin - San Jose, CA, USA
I just want everyone to know what a magical day we had when we attended the private concert at Gary's studio overlooking Monterey Bay. Gary, I hope you do that again soon! Thank you for your music! This is a great site!!!!

Jose Torres - Watsonville, CA, USA
I met Gary around 1986-87 when he played a demo of "A Walk In The Garden". I have taken daughter and many of my relatives to his concets. We all believe he is GREAT!!!!!

Donna Tracewell - Scotts Valley, CA USA
All I have to do to get my two year old son and four year old daughter to fall asleep is put on one of Gary's CD's...they relax instantly and go right to sleep! Thanks Gary!

Rick Tracewell - Scotts Valley, CA USA
Gary's music is not only very beautiful, but memorable. His melodies stay with you long after your CD has ended...

Dave Trump - Santa Clara, CA USA
I have "Waching The Night Fall" and have listened to it endlessly. Each listening brings a new journey... Each listening brings new meaning to each composition... Each listening brings pure enjoyment... Thank you Gary !

Kira Van Nortwick - Novato, CA USA
I've been following Gary Lamb for six years when I "found" his first cassette tape. Now I have every single cassete tape that Gary Lamb has put out AND every current piece of sheet music he has made!

George V. - Lemoore, CA USA
It helps me get through hard times.

Kim Valdez - Hayward, CA, U.S.A.
Inspirational and heart warming. Hey! I'm just glad it's here! Good job. =)

Maryllen Vargas - Watsonville, CA USA
Thoroughly enjoyed your last two CD's...heard you're working on another. Is it ready yet?

Elayne Vickers - Mt. View, CA USA

Marcy Voss - Sunnyvale, California, USA
I will never forget the concert that Gary gave at his home in the Santa Cruz mountains. Watching the music spill out of his soul was truely inspiring. I hope to see him again soon.

Maytee Wang - Sacramento, CA USA

Justin Warwick - Bakersfield, CA USA
Mr. Lamb's sound is truly wonderful; and as Mr. Ellington once said, "...if it sounds good, it is good!" This website is a wonderful idea! It really is wonderful to feel "in touch" with such an artist; not to mention the convenience of the concert information.

Craig and Carmel Weiler - Woodside, CA USA
We have enjoyed Gary Lamb's music since 1992. The concerts at Vine Hill have been a delight for us and our guests.

Lauren Wells - Diamond Springs, CA
Gary's music is the BIGGEST help I have in raising my autistic son!

Elaine Werner - Sacramento, CA USA
Wonderful music - calm, peaceful, relaxing!!

Darrell Wilden - Folsom, CA USA

My wife and I are big fans of Gary and his music. It is both inspiring and soothing. And his concerts we have attended have always been very special moments for us. Please keep the wonderful music coming!

Karen Woicik - Turlock, CA USA
I learned about Gary's music at an educational seminar years
ago. My elementary students and I enjoy "Language of Love" in our
classroom. It is very soothing.

Edie Wuydts - San Carlos, CA USA
I have loved Gary's music ever since I first heard it. I now own most of the CD's that are available and go to his concerts when ever I get the chance. Thanks Gary for your music! Keep it coming!!

Linda Yamauchi - San Jose, CA USA

Robert Young - San Jose, CA USA
I have all of Gary's albums. There is no other player that can play at the level that Gary maintains. We are lucky to have someone with Gary's talents among us.

Sharon Zettlemoyer - Sacramento, CA USA
Great Music!



Jeanette Farmer - Denver, Colorado USA
Gary's music is a delightful answer to my prayers for use with my handwriting remediation program!

Dianna Fogelberg - Beautiful, Colorado USA
Such lovely music, Gary. Just what I need to unwind after a busy day at the office or an exciting day of skiing.

Joyce Renee Karr - Westminister, Colorado USA
They say that lambs are truly a gift of God, well this man's
music is certainly a Gift and a half!

Christine Poley - Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
We moved to Colorado 3 years ago and lost track of you. Please put us on your mailing list!!! Loved the concert we attended many years ago--will never forget. Love your music!!! Great!!

Mary Jo Sherman - Pueblo, Colorado, USA
Nothing tames my active 8th graders like Gary's music playing softly while they read--and nothing puts me back together after a hard day as effectively as Gary's music. It's just about "the ideal" -- how did I manage without it?

Stuart Simmons - Durango, Colorado, USA
Gary's music is great to come home and relax to.

Sandra Spahr - Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA
As a middle school math teacher, Gary's two CD's, "Winter Dreams" and "Angel", were an inspiration to me in writing two award winning grants for my school. His music pulled the emotion and creativity from my heart and soul as I wrote. Thank you, Gary!!



Steve Barry, Caitlin Roston, and Akshay Nair - Mansfield, CT, U.S.A
He is sooooooo hot!!! You should have a fan club about us!

Michael F. Kelly Sr - Wallingford, Connecticut, U.S.A
Gary has inspired me greatly to learn how to play the Piano. At 41 I will endeavor to compose and learn this wonderful new hobby.

Ed Kim - Wilton, Connecticut, U.S.A
Gary's music is a great change from the other things I have heard.

Kristy Thomas - Stoneybrooke, Connecticut, U.S.A
Gosh what can I say about Gary? He's such a life saver (wint-o-green, not peppermint). Whenever the kids that I babysit begin to throw the fish from their parents aquarium at each other, I just pop Gary's "Twelve Promises" CD in the stereo and they stop just like that! Thanks again Gary!

Clayton Webb, Connecticut, U.S.A
Gotta love it!



Paul Ahnberg - Tallahassee, FL, USA
Gary's music was recommended to my wife as an educational enhancement tool for her special education students...I enjoy the "calmness" of his music on my office PC.

Dana - Winter Park, FL, USA

Donna Dunkel - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Gary's music is excellent for use in classrooms with "Special needs" students.

Zeralda Hammer - Pensacola, FL, USA
Gary's music is inspirational!

Dennie Hill - Tallahassee, FL, USA
Have used Gary's music during group work at adult training sessions and to keep me focused while in my office.

John Kerr - Palm Coast, FL, USA
We first listened to Gary in a small church at his debut in Santa Cruz CA, who would guess at such talent!

Susan Kleinman - Coconut Creek FL USA
As a dance/movement therapist working with women with eating disorders, I find Gary's music helpful in providing safe, soothing rhythms that help to facilitate meaningful expression.

Brian Langill - Clearwater, FL, USA
Highly recommended by a friend!

David M. - Coconut Creek, FL, USA
His music is great!!!

Daniel Nevels - Tampa, Florida
This is some of the most greatest music I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world.

Yvonne Oliveros - Miami, FL USA
Very special site.

Beverly Sherman - Tampa, FL, USA
I play your music for patients under-going Bone-Marrow-Transplants!



Ann - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
I am a 6th grade teacher and I play Gary Lamb's music all day in the classroom. The students are much calmer when entering the room and when doing their work. Thanks for the wonderful, peaceful music. I like this web site.

Debbie P. Autry - Dalton, Georgia, USA
As an elementary music teacher, I've known all along what music can do for people of all ages. Glad to have some company!

Mark R. Chapman Sr. - Chatsworth, Georgia, USA
I hope to use your music in my class.

Judi Jenkins - Roswell, Georgia, USA
I heard Gary Lamb's music for the first time today. Instant love. Must have some.

Lenny Kwa, Decatur, Georgia, USA
I found the best way to peace. Thank you Gary.

Laurance Manous - Alpharetta, Georgia USA
Gary Lamb's Music for me is like a magic carpet... to another dimension. This is a most educational, informative, and comprehensive site.

Denise Walker - Carrollton, Georgia, USA
I heard Gary's music 2 years ago and have been searching for it ever since. The music is great in my classroom for brain-based learning.

Judith Williams - Kennesaw, GA, USA
A native Californian now relocated to Georgia, I have been enjoying the sweetness of Gary Lamb's music for years. Thanks for the quiet times. Peace.

Sally Westerfield, Ed.S., LPC - Savannah, GA, USA
I have used instrumental background music for 10 years to create a calm and therapeutic environment for my emotional behavior disordered students and psychotherapy clients.



Kristen Marble - Moscow, Idaho, USA
60 beats/minute music - great for teaching!

E. Pandolfi - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
I first heard Gary Lamb over 8 years ago and fell in love with his music. Now it always takes me back to the coast even though I live so far away. Thank you, Gary for sharing your wonderful gift with us! I found this through HA ( and I am so excited!! I can't wait to get some of the new CDs. Thanks for being on-line!!!!!!

Claudia Rudser - Blackfoot, Idaho, USA
A great motivator and helps the children immensely with their studies! I enjoyed everything and it was a pleasure to see one fantastic man on the net!



Mary Ciaccio - Momence, Illinois , USA
I recently had the honor of hearing Gary in concert. He was a true inspiration to me. Thank you, Gary.

Terrence Craft - Chicago, IL, USA
I believe that Gary Lamb is a musical genuis whether on the piano or the drums. I love his album "Imaginations" because of the true beauty in each song. I think this is a great web-site!

I definately like Gary's album Return to Eden. Great solo piano, and very inspirational. I like the web site very much.

Barbra Espey - Quincy, Illinois , USA
I keep listening to the CDs over and over and never seem to tire of them...

Woodice Fuller - Lisle, Illinois , USA
Got your two newest CD's - love your music so keep it up.


Tina Lee - Chicago, IL
I'm an English teacher, and love using Gary's music during writing time in my classroom. It soothes/tames the savage beast...oh, and my students as well.

Marie Holdridge - Batavia, Illinois , USA
Great stress reliever!

Tina Louise Masquelier - Lake in the Hills, IL USA
The Very enthusiastic fan!

Kathleen MK Pidrak - South Holland, IL USA
Educator-looking for others who use music in classroom.

Kathy Shanahan - River Forest, IL USA
I would like to know about the timed beat music for learning different children. My daughter loves Angel CD.

Shameka - Chicago, Illnois, USA
Yo Gary! While all my homies be jammin' to DMX and Snoop, I be jivin' to yo tunes. Yo music is tight dawg! Shoo, keep up yo dope music.



Hannah Beckett - South Bend, IN, USA
Gary Lamb's music is very soothing and uplifting.

Eileen Glant, Zionsville, IN, USA
My son Patrick (a musician) and I attended a concert of Gary's and he inspired Patrick's love of instrumental music.

Florian - Sheridan, IN, USA
I'm a fulltime firefighter/EMT and man did I need this.

Twyla J Robinson - Bloomington, IN USA
Gary's music is the perfect instrument for calming of the spirit and healing of the soul.



Jaime - Polk City, Iowa, USA
I really like "Morning Glory" it just caught my ear. Now I'm addicted!

Gary E. Lamb - West Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Gary is the best. His music always gives my heart a tug.

Peg Larsen - Hinton, Iowa USA
I have done cosiderable research into music that will help my students in the Resource Room and Gary Lamb's name and music keeps popping up.

Sandy Osler - Sioux City, IA, USA
My students in my classroom count on Gary everyday in order to provide a more conducive learning environment!

Duane Owen - Marshalltown, Iowa, USA
The best Sunday mornings are a pot of Black Forest Chocolate coffee and a cartridge of Gary Lamb CD's in the stereo.

John Stein - Ames, IA
From the moment I heard Gary's music it grabbed me and has not let go. It's powerful stuff.



Erma Dunnegan - Wichita, Kansas U.S.A.
I first heard one of Gary's CD's while I was in San Francisco I believe in 1991. I immediately fell in love with his style. I bought one tape and two CD's and have played them continueously since then. I just now found out that he has a web site and that I can now buy a complete set of his music. I listen to him while I get massages. Great way to relax.

Jessica - Kansas, U.S.A.
Gary, I'm a freshman in high school and most kids my age don't listen to your music but I find it inspirational and moving. I love it.

Terre - Paola, Kansas, USA
I am a teacher and play Gary's music in my classroom all the time. As I write this, my 7th grade science class is working on a cell project listening to "A Walk in the Garden". To see 7th graders on task working independently is a sight to behold. I attribute this focus to Gary's music. Thank you, Gary!

Regina Tucker - Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.


Betsy and Billy - Hindman, KY USA
We've been married for 2 years now. We used to fight a lot. But then we heared Gary. He just got us hooked like a fish on a fishin-pole. Gary, I reckon you saved us. Thank you!

Patrick Doyle - Ashland, KY, USA
Fantastic concept...even more fantastic music! We who are about to listen to you...salute you!

Jezzie Howard - Corbin, KY, USA
Nothing or no one could compare to Gary. He has given me the greatest music that I've ever heard. Words cannot explain the feeling!

Jessica - Lexington, KY USA
I was in Language Arts class one day, and I noticed a stack of lovely CD's by Gary Lamb. I bought his whole collection,and now I can't stop listening to them. They make me feel so warm and fuzzy. Gary - I love you! Marry me!

Stephanie Lott - Grayson KY USA
The beautiful voices of Angels...The absolute essence of beauty... Peaceful...Serene as the diamonds of dew in the morning...

Shelly - Lexington, KY, USA
Gary Lamb is my absolute, all-time favorite composer. His work just inspires me, especially his album, Twelve Promises. You're the best, Gary!

Susan Ryan - Elizabethtown, KY, USA
My baby, Lander, was born listening to Gary Lamb's Love Themes.

Video Kitchen - Louisville, KY, USA
Gary's music brings an ambiance to our store that we can't find in any other artist. Outstanding!!! This site has great graphics and is very informative.



Joan Danos - Kenner, Louisiana, USA
You're right- your music is great for A.D.D. students. My students ask for your music to be played during their exams!

Patrick Hollier - Lake Charles, LA, USA
The students and I love listening to Gary Lamb's music. It does seem to help students with ADHD calm down. It helps promote a relaxing atmoshere.



Teresa Smith - Fairfield, Maine, USA
Some of the best and most relaxing music I have ever enjoyed!



Bea Allen - Crofton, MD, USA
My eighth grade students are inspired by Gary's music. It provides the perfect environment for studying!

Joseph Benamati - Salisbury, MD, USA
Look into the classroom applications of this music!!!

Martha Carter - Baltimore, Maryland USA
Gary, I stumbled across your song "When East Meets West" as I was flicking thru the DirectTv music channels. I had a vision of Matthew 24:27. Gary, you have got to play one of your CD's and open the Holy Bible and read while it plays. You have the anointing of David. He was a psalmist and when he played for king Saul it quieted Sauls soul from the vexation of evil spirits. Don't finish the journey of life without Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth B.I.B.L.E. Love and Prayers.

Mark Goldberg - Annapolis, Maryland, USA
This music gets the feeling across without lyrics; fabulous for video applications.

Al Katz - Harwood, MD, USA

Megan Kennelly - Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Sandra Lippert -Adelphi, Maryland, USA
Gary's music helps my students with ADD/ADHD and Learning
Disabilities calm down and concentrate during tests and independent practice



Joani Begg-Whitman & Jon Whitman - Centerville, Cape Cod, MA, USA
Bought your CD's in Hawaii in 1996. They are being worn out, we play them so much....many hours of such wonderful listening!!!! Thank you....J&J

Lynn M. Fournier - Ashland, MA, USA
These lovely pieces were just what I needed to receive from a friend--the day I learned that my son was activated in the Air Nat'l Guard for the 2nd time this year!! Thank you, Gary, and God IS Blessing you.

Edward Gee - Worcester, MA, USA
I was looking for music as the background for my guided meditation tapes. When I heard Gary's music I fell in love with it and I knew I had found what I was looking for. Thank you Gary for such wonderful inspiration!

Kathy Heywood - Shrewsbury, MA, USA
I bought my first Gary Lamb music in 1991. Gary is truly gifted. I fell in love with "Distant Fields" and have been buying & enjoying Gary's music ever since!



Mary Margaret Block - Detroit, Michigan, USA
Gary Lamb's music is universal. No romantic, candlelight dinner is complete without his music in the air.

Denise Cervelli - Westland, Michigan, USA

Peter & Donna Lee - Redford, Michigan, USA
Gary's music was originally purchased for video production background music. As an added bonus, we have greatly enjoyed just sitting together and listening to his music.

Bob Hayduk - Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA
Looking forward to hearing more of Gary's music.

Alan McParland - South Lyon, Michigan, USA
Gary can take you far beyond this place to a world of awakening.

Scott Nelsen - Royal Oak, MI USA
Gary Lamb is a god among men!

Cameron Scott - Utica, MI USA
His music is so beautiful. Me being only 16, I dont know anyone
my age that knows who he is. He is the best.

Amer Siriani - Utica MI, USA
Gary, I'm 17 and I am an avid listener to your music. Also, the music you orchestrate is very clear and well delivered and gives me goose bumps when I listen to it. My favorite CD is "Love Themes". Number 2, "A Child's Dream", makes me want to cry. It is great.

Dianne Thebolt - Saginaw, MI USA
This is a great web site =) Dr. David Sousa directed me here. I'd love a catalog. Thanks!

J C Sands - Portage, MI USA



Rebbeca Sorensen, Minnesota, USA
I love the music from "Angel". It's so beautiful!


Florence Bertrand - Nicholson, Mississippi, USA
His music brings back wonderful memories. I have never been to any type of concert in my life, but I would go to one of Gary's.

Johnnie L. Gibson - Greenville, Mississippi, USA
I heard your music and loved it!

Jan Huey - Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
I am an elementary school librarian. I use Gary's music as background during reading.



Carol E. Hillman - Bolivar, Missouri, U.S.A.
I heard music from the album "Angel" as background music on another web site and I was very impressed with it. I was captivated with Gary's style.

Renee Jones - Peculiar, MO, U.S.A.
God Bless You..........this touched my heart when I needed it the most...........

Mindy Powell - Iberia, Missouri U.S.A.
I love your music,it is very touching. I love to play the piano too. The website is awesome. I am a big fan!!



Patty Myers - Great Falls, Montana, USA
Wonderful music for the classroom!!

Betty A. Payne - Billings, Montana, USA
Your cd's are the best buy! As a teacher of adult education, the students find learning fun and relaxing as they "keyboard" and listen to your soothing music!

Hansford & April Smith - Great Falls, Montana, USA
Music that warms you on a cold winter's night.



Sharon K. Anania - Omaha, Nebraska
Music to enhance learning!

Amy Chase - Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska
Creative, momentum building, soothing, rhythms

Tracee Schul - Norfolk, NE, USA



T Covington - Reno, NV, USA
Tranquil and beautiful music. I can't tell you how much it has effected my life! It is so nice to have a website to keep in touch with the latest updates. Thank you.

Teraisa J. Rogers - Carson City, Nevada, USA
Music and history are our children's greatest accomplishments through homeschooling. You just can't beat the good life. Thank you and God bless you. Long live music.


New Jersey

Jennifer Jablonski - Medford, NJ, USA
I bought 6 of your CD's in November '97 and began playing them in my classroom immediately. My 8th graders are soothed by your music as they write and do other in-class work. My classroom has been transformed into an environment infused with peace and tranquility. This first-year teacher thanks you wholeheartedly. P.S. You are on heavy rotation at home, too. :)

Jeri Gloss - Princenton Junction, NJ, USA
first heard Gary's music on a Christian website and was blown away - I am a fan for life!

Cathy W. - NJ, USA
I came upon his CD at a Jazz Fest, not knowing who he was. But soon as I heard the first song, I knew I was going to love the whole CD. Now I have many of his CD's, and his songs touch my heart and soul.. They are Relaxing, Soothing, Warm and full of wonderful melodies. Thanks Gary for your gift of Music.. = ) Glad I found it!


New Mexico

Maria - Springfield, New Mexico USA
Hey Gary! I recently moved to New Mexico where flamingo dancing is popular. My flamingo colleagues love dancing to your music and yelling, Aiiieeee! Thanks for the great times you've given us!

Shelley Wooten - Farmington, NM


New York

John Cappello - Windsor, New York, USA
Great stuff!! I am a Principal and we are starting to use your music in a variety of places.

Jim Johnson - Buffalo, New York, USA
This is my first time listening to Gary's music. I'm hooked! :-)

Sheila De'Maris - New York USA
Gary's music is a tonic for the soul!

Karen M. - Rochester, NY, USA
We use Gary's music at the daycare where I work for naptime. It's so wonderful--it even sometimes puts the workers to sleep!!

Wanda C. Nowicki - Pine Bush, N.Y. U.S.A.
Gary's music is truly music to calm the savage beast. I love it!

Carla Publiese - Rye Brook, N.Y. U.S.A.

Dave Raynor - Brookville, NY, USA
Great tunes from a great man!


North Carolina

Janita Hall - New Bern, NC, - USA

Renea Hall - New Bern, NC, - USA
Heard your music and it is outstanding. Hope to hear it personally someday!

Wendy K. Harrison - Charlotte, USA
I use Gary Lamb's music in both of my professions, Recovery Room Nursing and Massage Therapy!

Laurie Koster - Charlotte, NC, - USA
I've just discovered this music from a local radio program - and I love it!

Julie R. Lamb - Raleigh, NC - USA
Gary, I guess all Lambs just have natural musical talents (I wish). You are the very best!

Andy Liles - Raleigh, NC - USA
" Language of Love" definitely says it all. I
love the CD and am buying more!

Athena Smith - Lawndale, NC, USA
Sounds GREAT!!!

Jim and Bea Sugrue - Asheville, NC, USA
Your beautiful music has touched our hearts. We enjoy being able to hear bits of Gary's Music on wav files.


Marvin Russel Jr. - Durham, NC, USA
I received a copy of "Watching The Night Fall" from my employee. It is so relaxing to listen to while working or just relaxing at home or in the car. My kids seem to enjoy a little of it also, keep up the good work Gary.



North Dakota

Debra Conklin - Oakes, North Dakota,USA
I teach students identified as having ADD and can not believe how your music helps them to focus!

William R. Dent - Rolla, North Dakota,USA

Larry Gauper - Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Gary's music is to my personal creativity what color is to a painter. He generates a mood, casts a spell, provides background for my thoughts, feelings. Excellent - Delightful site.

Janet Johnson - North Dakota, USA
I am a middle school teacher and I use your music every day while my students read leisurely for ten minutes. If I don't get a chance to turn on the music right away, they ask for it. Thank you for providing this type of music for my class.



Jessica Calvert - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
When I first heard his music I immediately bought four CDs. The next year I bought more. I listen to them when I need to relax and I have my students with moderate disabilities listen to them and it also helps them relax. Great music!!!!

Nancy Dravenstott - Smithville, Ohio, USA
I was introduced to Gary Lamb's CDs by a fellow 4th grade teacher. We are both hooked...thanks a lot! They are great to listen to in our classroom with and without kids, as well as at home! Your website is also very user-friendly.

Beth Richmond - Cincinnati, OH USA
Awesome! Very soothing...thank you!

Kati Fulk - Sidney, Ohio, USA

Beverly Kaufmann - Bloomingdale, Ohio, USA
I love his music. A great way to unwind and relax!!

Johnny Johanis - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Gary Lamb is the ultimate dude to listen too whenever your
feeling down or happy as a monkey flying in the wind. I hope one day I will
be able to listen to him in concert and bring my teacher along with me
because we always listen to him in class.

Mary H. Wentz- Ohio, USA
Bravo! I became a fan several years ago. We now listen to Gary's music daily in my classroom for gifted and talented students. The students' love it!

David Lucci - Ohio, USA
I Love Gary's music - it is very relaxing and soothing. Keep up the EXCELLANT WORK Gary.

Ladd Scavnicky - Mentor, Ohio, USA
Your music is great! We use it for creating emotional "slide shows" with our photography using the waiver enclosed without CD's. What a great set of music you've made - Keep up the creative work!!

Gina Wadl - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Great music to listen no matter if I'm sitting by the fireplace at home or sparking the interest in my students at work.

Jim Zarzyczny - Marion, Ohio, USA
I first heard Gary's music at an NEA Convention. Bought the first four albums, and have purchased every one since. Excellent for relaxing, sleeping, thinking, and I too have used it in my classroom during Silent Sustained Reading.



Susan Conway - Yukon, Oklahoma, USA

Terrie Hardy - Tulsa, OK Tulsa
The music on Dayspring movies allows one to enter into the scenes with His Presence!

Kyla Hodges - Clinton, Oklahoma, USA
Gary is the best artist today.

Roman Solodovnikov - Stillwater,Oklahoma,USA
His music is the best!



Libbie Allen - Portland, Oregon
I am an "original" fan, from when I lived in Sunnyvale, California; I have all of Gary's tapes and CDs, have enjoyed the opportunity to hear/see him in person in Santa Cruz (studio concerts) and Saratoga (Paul Masson Winery). From boogie to jazz to traffic jam respites to....limitless enjoyment. Thank you, Gary!

Carol and Bill Jacobs - Central Point, Oregon
We purchased a group of CD's in Ashland, Oregon. Ever since then, we have enjoyed the music immeasurably!

Annette and Barry Reid - Eugene, OR, USA

Gianni G. Xeros - Portland, Oregon, USA
His music puts us very close to GOD. It fulfils our soul.



Lynne Braun-Warth - Mars, Pennsylvania, USA

Michele Calogero - Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
We have found Gary's music to be quite soothing to our patients in the recovery room.

Charles Earnest - Blue Bell, PA, USA
Been an admirer of your music for many years. Peaceful, calming, relaxing. Great background music for work, home, and recreation.

Rose Ferrara-Love - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
We have found Gary's music to be quite soothing to our patients in the recovery room.

Ken Ryzner - Philadelphia, PA, USA
I listen to Gary's music when I cook delicious soups and pies,
for I was once in culinary school and still like to practice. I find it
soothing, charming, and a general boost to my concentration. Looking
forward to your next release...


South Carolina

Barthalomew - Charleston, SC,USA
Gary - you are such an inspiration because as a person with ADD you help me tremendously. I love hard boiled eggs. Your music helps me focus. Grass is green. I wouldn't be able to get through my day without the heart warming Twelve Promises. There is a cat in my window. Bye!

Betty - Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Hi Gary! Ever think you'll make a music video? If you will let me know cause me and my friends want to be the dancers in the background. We love to dance to your music. Let me know if there's any interest!

David Castro - Charleson, SC, USA
I heard Gary's music back in 1993 or 1994 when he had a booth at the San Francisco State University Christmas merchant mall. In fact, if I remember right, I met him. Absolutely "love" his music!!

Catherine Green - Aiken, SC, USA
The music of Gary Lamb moves me!

Allison Hunt - Rock Hill, SC, USA
Gary's music has tremendously increased the attention and concentration level of the students in my middle school classroom. They now request to start the CD player if I forget to do it.

Jennifer Rambo - Charleston, South Carolina
Gary, I use your music in my third grade class. My students LOVE listening while writing, reading or taking tests. Thanks so much.

Regina Pettit - Spartanburg, SC USA
One of my piano students recently brought me 2 of Gary's CD's, and now I am hooked!



Connie & Aubrey Antilley - Goodlettsville, TN, USA
We appreciate and enjoy the talents of Gary. He's very gifted! This website is very impressive. It's informative, personable, and creative. Very professional. Peace...

Art Brown - Bartlett, TN, USA
Follower of your music for the past 8 years--peacefull--calming.

Cynthia 'Cindy' Clark - Elizabethton, TN USA
I was raised up to classical music. This is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

Ken Dunlap - Knoxville, TN, USA

Pat Pate - Memphis, Tennessee
It is the most beautiful web site I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing it.



Anthony - El Paso,Texas, USA
I heard Gary Lamb's music, great listening music!

Michele - Abilene, Texas, USA
Gary's music has touched my soul as does Yanni and Bond. Thank you Gary for your tremendous talent.

Lindsey Armstrong - Conroe, Texas
I love Watching the Night Fall. It isn't sleepy like most songs, but invigorating and full of promise.

Kristin Buford - The Woodlands, Texas, USA
I listen to either Watching the Night Fall or A Walk in The Garden everyday. They are relaxing and tranquil. Most of the time, my students don't even realize his music is playing. It has become a part of my classroom.

Paulette Burrhus - Beaumont, Texas, USA
I purchased "Love Themes" and used it in our teacher in-service presentation - terrific! This site is user-friendly; informative; I have recommended it to my teacher.

Sandra Copeland - Redwater,TX, USA
Love the music,its so relaxing, just great!

Charles A. Curtis - San Antonio, TX, USA
Nostalgic and comforting...

Sarah Ryan- Katy, Texas USA

Your music is used on many of photographers story telling portraits which like your music it touches your heart and heals the soul. Thanks. I was really glad to see your site on an advertisement a friend sent me.

Bill Gillmore - Richardson, Texas USA
Office chair dancin' music.

Thomas W. Harrison - San Antonio, Texas USA
Heard his music at work for the cancer patients.

Joshua Jones - Mt.Pleasant, Texas, USA
Gary Lamb is a great man with alot of talent. His songs are intriging. God Bless You!!.

Linda Kaden - The Woodlands, Texas USA
I have used Gary's music all year with my 7th graders! They love it, and so do I!

Alvin Smith - Temple, TX, USA
Superb-used in the classroom for years and of course at home.

Randy L. Kilian-Smith - San Antonio, Texas, USA
I have been listening and writing to Gary's music. When I play it for the kids in my classes, they have become listners as well as appreciative of his music. Keep it up!

Eddie Lopez - El Paso, Texas

Pam McCombs - Houston, Texas, USA
I have just dicovered Gary Lamb's music, and am interested in trying it out on my high school reading classes.

Khoa Tran - Houston, TX
Thank you very much!!!! Thank you because I've received your photos!


Linda Vail - Ore City, Texas, USA
Heard about Gary at autism conference.. I use it in my classroom with MR and Autistic kids.. wonderful!!!!



Jim Bailey, V.P. Eng. 1-O-X Corp. - Sandy,Utah
I use your royaltyfree to ease my mind while I route PC boards! It is great! Thanks.

Debra Lund - Hyrum,Utah

Rachel Uda - Provo,Utah
Wonderful music, he is a very talented musician!



Ellie McGarry - Rutland, VT, USA
Gary's music takes the stress out of life!



Lyndsay Brown -Virginia
Gary Lamb is my favorite musician in the world! Lyndsay Brown, Age 9.

Bill Donovan - Richmond, VA, USA
I am a disc jockey who used your music during dining times. Also Gary's music is always playing in my CD-Rom, like right now. You are the best, Sir!
The website is clear.

D.T. Fifer - Roanoke, VA, USA
It is very relaxing, and nice.

Peggy Marshall - Palmyra, VA, USA
Twelve Promises is "Outstanding"

Lisa Meyers - Chesapeake, VA, USA

Paul F. Murphy - Richmond, VA, USA
"Angel" is extremely moving!



Jesse - WA ,USA
I am a filmmaker and I'm in the progress of producing a full length film, and I've been looking for music for a long time, but then I found Gary Lamb's music. There is not much else to say, It's great!

Joey Skiles - Blaine, Washington, USA
I found 'Love Themes' in a restaurant in Sequim, WA around 1991, having never heard of Gary Lamb. Instant heart recognition. My son Marshall, who was 11 yrs old and learning piano,was inspired by this tape (yes, tape) and now, at 22 yrs old, plays beautifully... your protege of a sort. Hope I can take him to see you in person someday!

Judy Whitman -Eatonville, WA ,USA
Gary's music renews my spirit. After treating myself to an hour of listening, mediatation, and quiet, I find I am much better for my family. May God continue to shine His face upon you Gary.

  T O P

West Virginia

Countrygirl - Cottageville, WV, USA
Gary Lamb's music added with beautiful pictures is priceless.

  T O P


Pamela Avery - Madison, WI
I use Gary's music,"A Walk in the Garden", with a visual meditation that I created as a tool for healing, relaxation and stress management in the medical setting. My patients and I love his music!

J. Sachse-Hinkley -Beaver Dam, WI ,USA
I heard about Gary's music at a recent convention. I find his music very healing.

Alvina Long - Green Bay, WI
I feel that the music is very moving and has something about it that I can not say, I cannot find the words. It is good.

Wayne Nolden - Neenah, Wisconsin
I play Gary's music while making presentations to clients. They love it!

Laura Spoerl - Menasha, WI, USA
Gary's music is so soothing. It helps me get through high school finals.

  T O P


Joanne Rice - Wheatland, WY, USA
A real stress reliever in my classroom of learning disabled students!



Michelle - Sydney, Australia
Inspirational, moving and beautiful!

Ruzzel Carlos Pangan NSW - Sydney Australia
I find Gary Lamb's music very relaxing. I like music very much. Ever since I became organist for the INC I also like playing relaxing music pieces especially when I'm meditating. When ever I need peace or before I go to sleep I listen to Gary's music and I think your music is healthy for the brain. Keep it up!..thank you for your music.-ZEL
-I like your web site!!!



Angel - São Paulo, SP, Brazil
I love his music with "A Smile and a Tear".

Monica Desiree Cunha - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I received a home page Conversation With God and your song was used in Psalm 23 . You have great songs!



Jennifer Robinson - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Your music touches my soul. You are so handsome!



Marcus Chi - Hong Kong, China
I love the unique style of the music. I usually play it to relax myself or when I am really increases my study efficiency! I hope you will continue to compose and perform more great music. Finally, thank you for the amazing music!



Stefan Corcho - Siegen, Germany
I love his music, since I´ve heard it the first time (it was on a trip to the United States in 1994). It´s so beautiful, powerful and relaxing...



Jacqueline Lootsma - Alkmaar holland
Beautiful music during waterdance and watsu.



Fabrizio Ferrari - Genova, Italy
Gary is a great friend and a great musician!



Jyoti Bikash- Khurda, Orissa, India
Gary Lamb's music is extraordinary. I love this website.

P.T.Rajan - Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA
I request you to send us few samples for our outreach work. I am an evangelist ministering among the unreached group.



Farha - Singapore
He's a real professional. I love his music!



Paul Foo - Ipoh, Perakalt, Malaysia
Gary,I am glad I am still alive to hear your music.May God
bless you . You are doing a wonderful job.

Kelvin Leong - Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Dear Gary, seriously,I thought the heavens were on earth when
I heard your music. Thanks for the music. We cannot find anything about you
in Malaysia. If you do not mind, print something in this website for all
your Asian fans.



Servando Carvajal - Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Its a wonderful experience listening to Gary's music. A complete and interesting web site of a great superstar.

Delia Ramirez - Ciudad, Mexico
Gary Lamb's music is really relaxing.


New Zealand

Dwayne Kirkwood- Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
Music Forever!

T O PPortugal

David Costa - Espinho, PORTUGAL
As a pianist I really apreciate the work of Gary Lamb! I must collect his CDs... right now! :) This is a great web site!

T O PSingapore

Charlene - Singapore
Chanced upon your music and truly I feel that an angel is at work. =)

Sue - Singapore
Great inspiring music's a blessing to us!

Imelda Lim - Singapore
As I began to listen to Gary Lamb's music, I felt that God was talking to me and holding me tight into His hand. May God Bless you and give you a good health. Thank you Gary....keep it up.....



Jernej Utrosa- Gornja Radgona, SLOVENIA


United Emirates 

Hazel. Levi - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Very inspiring MusicThis website is the reason I came to know Gary Lamb. Very neat site and very informative. I really like Gary Lamb's music. Its very soothing and inspiring at the same time.

Jesicajoyce - Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
I would like a copy of piano pieces by Gary Lamb please!


United Kingdom 

Lilia - United Kingdom

Margaret - United Kindom
Great stuff, very soothing! God Bless. Keep up the good work.



Rustam - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
I was looking for nice calming violin music for my mother, since she loves such music, and I found Gary Lamb! Now I am going to buy all Gary's CDs not only for my mom but for me and my friends. Fantastic music!



Huyen & Tram- Ha Noi, Viet Nam
We admire you alot. Gary! Be happy all the time!




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